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Goodbye Red Bullet (CD)


Will Dailey and the story of the Red Bullet In November of 2003 Will Dailey embarked on a soulful project to create a standout album. (Prior to that we has the front man and sole songwriter for the highly successful Boston rock band Mappari.) He wanted to craft a record that stood up for independent artists struggling to keep their heads above water. The only way to do that, Dailey says, “is to sacrifice everything.” The dynamic eleven tracks of “Goodbyeredbullet” is a palpable example of doing just that. There was no holding back in designing the songs for the album. This born and bred Bostonian conveys personal findings of love and relationships and things out of our control, by shedding his skin exposing his heart and soul. Dailey spent every penny he had to make the album and release his abilities lyrically and musically. He sold the car, his little red Honda Civic—the “Red Bullet” that helped him build the fan base that will ironically buy this record. “I knew that I needed to incorporate many different tools and instruments on this record to express certain vulnerabilities and truths within these songs. I wanted to make sure the album was recorded without computers; only on analogue tape.” Crisscrossing the U.S. and Canada by plains, trains, buses or via the “Red Bullet,” Dailey has engaged a loyal national following, one that has contributed to independent sales of over 10,000 CDs. As founder of his own label (www.wheelkickrecords.com) Dailey has nurtured both his career and that of other independent artists searching for their voice. His albums are available in stores and online at cdbaby.com, awarestore.com and iTunes. In 2002 he was nominated best male vocalist in the Boston Music Awards, a semi-finalist in the International Song Writing Competition in 2003 and most recently as Best Male Singer/Songwriter in the 2004 Boston Music Awards. There is truth in the vulnerable of Dailey's voice. An aspect that has drawn comparison, to Nick Drake, early Stones, Cat Stevens, Pearl Jam, Jeff Buckley, and the Boss. People long for artists who aren’t afraid to put their whole selves on record and express themselves in ways that listeners can empathize— eagerly awaiting each lyric and melody with anticipation and finding something new with each listen. , With GoodByeRedBullet Dailey has accomplished what music lovers admire, a timeless view into the soul of an artist.

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-Goodbye Red Bullet

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